Spilling the secret behind her success, Katrina Colt guides the younger Alexia Anders on the sensual path of keeping a husband and a boyfriend together by using her charm and a set of delectable feet. Aroused by the idea of showing the ropes to the Asian chick, the two ladies start with a make-out session before the guys arrive. Katrina’s husband, Vince, goes straight into discarding her gradient pumps and teaches Alexia how to shrimp the dainty feet. As both of the chicks get comfortable and horny with the two studs, getting their feet worshipped, lapping the stallions’ lips, and steamily touching their bodies, the atmosphere is too fiery to handle.

The group exchanged partners while continuing with their shrimping, licking, sucking, and praising the sexy arches of the goddesses’ feet. After making their delicate feet glisten in spit, Vince proceeds to lick and finger his wife’s trimmed pussy while Alexia gets a rimjob from the other stud. With the lovely besties’ feet fully lubricated, the two men pop their huge cocks out to get jerked off by the ladies’ feet. After that, the group foreplay continues with blowjobs, shrimping, and fingering pussy. Unable to contain their lust, Katrina is placed in reverse cowgirl, having her luscious hole jackhammered by her husband, while Alexia comes to their aid to assist with the sensual fucking.

To get her turn, Alexia, in cowgirl position, rides Milan’s girthy dick while the other brunette caresses his balls with her wet feet. Switching partners, the two horny women with soaking holes get wrecked by their lovers’ erect dicks while simultaneously sucking each other's feet. The foursome vigorously continues in cowgirl, doggystyle, spooning, and piledriver while indulging in facefucking, deepthroating, and rimming in between. With all the pussy-pounding action, the two men’s load coats Katrina and Alexia’s feet before chilling on the couch after the exhausting foursome.

July 5, 2024


Comments (11)


This dude vince makes waaaay too much noise.


Great scene!! But come on guys.. anothe cumshot with the guy in frame.. kind of weird at this point


Andrew. This video was so awesome. The ending knocked my socks off, well I don’t really wear socks but you get the picture. 💁🏼‍♀️😂 Hope you had a great fourth and a few footjobs 😆😘

Andrew Youngman Moderator

Hahaha yes I did ! Happy 4th for everyone!🇺🇸


Another great scene! It was cool seeing short vs tall models!


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