Ivy Lebelle

Ivy Lebelle

A native angeleno, Ivy Lebelle grew up in Studio City, Cali. Being that her dad is Italian and her mom is from Texas, it's no wonder she has such a smoldering sex bomb look. While she says she was into the goth scene during her teenage years, she also says she's been an exotic dancer almost her entire adult life. At the age of 29, Ivy decided to join the porn scene (we're all thankful for that!). Prior to that she was doing make-up for many years but always had close ties to the industry since she had many close friends in porn. For Ivy, she says a mental connection is what blows her panties into a wet mess!

Ivy Lebelle's Videos

The cable guy

Ivy Lebelle


Ivy Lebelle, Bill Bailey

May 10, 2019



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