Geisha Kyd

Geisha Kyd

Beautiful petite babe, Geisha Kyd, is a captivating newcomer who loves showing off her natural tits, firm ass, and sexy feet in front of the camera. This gorgeous hottie with naturally curly hair entered the adult film entertainment industry in 2021 when she was around 20 years old. Despite being in her 30s, Geisha still has what it takes to play the role of teenage sluts. Her petite body and young-looking face can easily make anyone believe that she's only in her early 20s. Geisha has made over 20 scenes so far. While most of her videos feature straight full sex, Geisha also has some lesbian content credited to her name. She definitely has the raw talent and skills in making a man cum hard. Just a single look at her naked body is enough to give any guy a raging boner. This captivating hottie from the Dominican Republic will surely exceed your expectations, so better keep an eye on her upcoming videos.

Geisha Kyd's Videos

Finding My Red Hot Stilettos

Geisha Kyd
Geisha Kyd, Dean Van Damme

September 21, 2022


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