Being caught peeping on your friend's girl can be quite awkward. Luckily for Jay Romero, Lumi Ray is quite chill about the whole situation. The beautiful hottie knows that her boyfriend's friend watches her while she is in the shower. Wanting to tease the unsuspecting lad, Lumi waits for him to show himself while she lies down on the bed. Jay tries to reason his way out of the awkward situation. However, he is already dancing on the palms of the naughty slut. Lumi tells Jay she already knows about his foot fetish. She finds his fascination with feet sexy.  Jay is already in trouble for peeping on Lumi, so it is not hard to fall for the sweet trap of the naughty girl. He admires Lumi's sexy feet using his hands before sucking her long toes. The sexy hottie can feel the warmth of Jay's tongue as he tickles every inch of her sensitive soles. The sensual foot worship makes Lumi hornier. She gives Jay's cock a passionate blowjob and footjob. The captivating redhead bends over on the bed and lets Jay fuck her doggystyle. The horny lad continues sucking and licking Lumi's feet while he slides his cock in and out of her bald pussy in missionary. Moans of delight fill the room as Lumi enjoys the titillating pussy pounding in the spoon. Her perky tits and round booty gracefully bounce around while she rides on top of Jay in soles-up cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. Jay tirelessly fucks the beautiful slut while enjoying the taste of her soles. He knows he is already in deep trouble, so he does his best to enjoy every minute he has with Lumi. The horny lad keeps pounding the petite hottie until he feels he is about to cum. Jay pulls his cock out from the tight pussy and paints Lumi's pale soles with his warm and sticky load.

September 17, 2022


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The last 12 mins of this video are heavenly. Her soles are perfect. Bring her back with a black cock please


Great Scene!!


Her soles just perfect!


a lot of 5 star content this last month, keep it up


Great scene all around! I'm a big fan of Lumi Ray and had been hoping that she would appear in more scenes, so I was really stoked when I saw her that she was scheduled to appear on Love Her Feet. Her feet are beautifully showcased in this video, as is the rest of her curvy, gorgeous body, and that is all due to the direction and lighting. She definitely has really sexy, beautiful feet. I loved that she was completely naked for the entire scene, and her, wrapped in a towel, fresh from the shower is such a sexy scenario! Her taunting and teasing really set the mood! Thanks for this one. It was well acted and well directed, and, in my opinion, one of the best ones you've released!