LoveHerFeet is a must-have for people who have a foot fetish. Nikky Thorne and Kiara Lord are here to show why LoveHerFeet is truly a paradise for porn watchers who are into sexy feet. The captivating blonde and gorgeous redhead chill on the couch. Nikky's slightly tanned skin perfectly suits Kiara's skin tone. Nikky and Kiara can't wait to show the fans the lesbian foot play they deserve. They show off their sexy feet while having beautiful smiles painted across their faces. Nikky's feet look adorable with the pink toenail polish, while Kiara's feet are as feisty as her personality with the red toenail polish. Even with visible dirt, Nikky's and Kiara's soles still look alluring and tasty. The beautiful hotties take turns kissing each other's feet. They enjoy the smell of their feet while they make out with each other. Kiara spreads her legs and lets Nikky put her foot on her pink pussy. The captivating redhead does the same thing to her blonde friend. Kiara gently rubs her toes and soles against Nikky's shaved pussy. After teasing each other's pussy with their feet, Kiara and Nikky sit beside each other. They raise their legs to flaunt their pale soles.  Seeing the two hotties' sexy feet, in combination with their pussies peeking out of their skirts, will surely make any man want to join them in their fun time. Nikky gives Kiara a quick foot worship before playing with her big titties using her feet. She teasingly brushes her soles and toes against Kiara's smooth chest. Kiara returns the pleasure by putting her toes into Nikky's tight pussy. The naughty sluts need to stop themselves before things go out of hand. They feel like they might lose their minds and fuck each other hard if they continue with their foot tease. They hug each other while looking at the camera like they are pleading for a cock to come and fuck them.

September 26, 2022


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Glad to see nikky thorne and kiara lord their feet are incredibly hot and sexy when is the release date


Glad you liked this tease. Main scene will be released on October 11th, Tuesday. :-)


Kiara is back!!!! Thank you


Nall this fireeeee we need more teasers just like this


We must have Nikky in BG scene . After all we are talking about a foot fetish master.