Stretching her legs with tight workout bands, watching her friend as she seductively presses her feet up and down on workout equipment, the girls sexily show off their perfectly pedicured feet in tight matching yoga outfits. Neon green and sweet pink matching spandex outfits never looked so good as they caress their feet, rubbing their sweet pink soles and gripping their fingers in between those delicious toes. Eying each other as they compare feet side by side, the girls play footsie as they work out on bouncy balls and stretch out some more on a yoga mat. She caresses her friends’ feet as they rub toes, playing a sexy game of footsie, showing those pink and red pedicured toes. The workout session leads to a sexy romp on the floor with toe sucking and foot licking as they rub their tight little pussies with their feet, making their clits bigger and more excited as they grip each other, massaging titties and pussies with their feet. Rubbing her nipples with her toes, pressing her soles into her tits, the girls can hardly stand it as they suck and grind on each other, embodying the ultimate foot goddesses. They feet fuck each other on the floor, grinding and rubbing their soles into their pussies as they bounce their little titties up and down in absolute pleasure, reaching an ultimate climax as these food goddesses have a nasty, sexy workout session. Foot sex with two girls never looked so good as they rub their sweet sexy soles on top of their gorgeous little pussies. By the time they start tribbing their sweet little pussies on the floor, the girls can hardly take it anymore, having a sexy orgasm on top of each other as they take one another into total climax, like only two sexy foot goddesses know how…

June 30, 2021


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Love these lesbian scenes!


could you please end G/G scenes the way you did with the tiffany tatum and zuzu scene? basically end with them putting their feet in the air?

Andrew Youngman Moderator

Yes we can do that


angelika grays and jenny wild gorgeous solo lesbian videos with beautiful feet could be better i don't like this video much


Ah, here's the (seeming to be) monthly girl/girl shoot! Fantastic footwork from both ladies. Only things from being perfection is more to the dialogue and toeing with some cum similar to previous Puma & Marley, Maddie & Paige scenes :P Many thanks! <3