About loveherfeet

Hello fellow foot lovers!
My name is Andrew Youngman and I have a foot fetish.
I started in the industry in the late 1990's and have directed 1000's of movies over the past 20 years. But my passion has always been women's beautiful feet. If I see a woman with a nice pedicure I can't stop staring & fantasizing about sucking her toes one by one. If you are here, you know what I'm talking about. Many of my scenes are based on my real life foot sex experiences. We all had those moments when we are in public and see a gorgeous girl with perfect toes dangling her heels showing off her beautiful pedicure and we feel as though the world around us just stops.
I've been into women's feet since I was a kid. I remember our neighbor's wife would come to our house to chit-chat with my mom. She was always wearing open toed wedges and had a perfect red pedicure. She had an ankle bracelet and sometimes a toe ring as well. (I guess her husband had a foot fetish too, or at least I'd like to think he did). While gossiping with my mom and dangling her heels she would catch me staring at her toes and say "Oh c'mon eat my feet!" Soon I realized I'm checking out women's feet all the time and I had even memorized the shape and look of the feet of all the women in our street.

My years of foot fetish experience both on and off the camera will be brought to you in This is the best foot fetish site in the world because it is the only site brought to you by someone with a huge foot fetish who has been a director with over 2 decades of experience. Every camera angle is strategically chosen, every model is checked for perfect feet & perfect pedicures before each shoot. My staff even shops for the hottest heels and wardrobe before every scene. My passion is feet and you can be sure the content here will be unlike anything you have ever seen.
And yes I listen to member requests because I like to hear your stories and make this website feel as "OURS". So what are you waiting for, join us and fulfill your wildest foot fantasies.


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